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同一試料 identical material



 ISO/DIS 17511には、commutability of a materialの定義がある。これは、同一試料と同等の用語ではないが、同一試料と見なされうる試料というような意味を含んでいると解釈できるだろう。それは次のように定義されている。
 degree to which a material yields the same numerical relationships between results of measurements by a given set of measurement procedures, purporting to measure the same quantity, as those between the expectations of the relationships for the same procedures applied to those types of material for which the procedures are intended; the degree to which a given material demonstrates inter-method changes in response (for two or more measurement procedures) comparable to the changes in response observed for relevant materials, is an indication of the commutability of the material among the specified measurement procedures; for reference materials used to calibrate measurement systems intended for human samples, "types of sample" indicate an adequate number of samples.