Laboratory Automation System (LAS)


CLINILOG V4 is a laboratory automation system composed of basic modules for preprocessing, conveyors, and analytical modules, and can highly integrate multiple test fields and postprocessing including recapping and refrigerated storage.
Optimizes operations by configuring the system most suitable for your laboratory.


One-Stop Operation

Minimizes operator foot traffic and centralizes operation management.
Lessened load on operator shortens Turnaround Time and improves quality.

High Speed

CLINILOG V4 made high-speed performance possible without compromising throughput and integrity of test results.

Space Saving

Powerful high-speed system requires only minimal space.
Configurable system layout adapts to diverse customer needs.

Examples of Configuration


Sample Station Module [SS]

The sample station creates a new arrival location (station) for the sample on the transport line. Any sample can be picked up from the transport system to the sample station, and it can be set up as a collection area such as an error sample or a control sample.

Sealer Module [SE]

Automation of capping to reduce the risk of infection. Capping process of 500 samples/hour is possible. Since the sealing material is a cartridge type that does not touch the hands, hygiene considerations were taken into account.

Refrigerated Stocker Module [RS]

Up to 5,600 samples can be stored, and the storage period is set for each storage area and discarded automatically. During sample storage, memorize the residual volume of the sample after measurement, and continuously record the sample temperature during cooling. In addition, the refrigerator temperature can be transmitted to the Laboratory Information System (LIS) at regular intervals.

Managed Pre-Analysis Module Plus [MPAM+]

Pre-analytical processing efficiency is enhanced by the maximum throughput of decapping, aliquoting, and sorting of 570 samples/hour (rubber top), 540 samples/hour, and 1,000 samples/hour respectively. Configuration of 2 modules further improves sample processing.

Laboratory Process Automation Modular System [LPAM]

LPAM processes samples rapidly at throughput 600 samples/hour for decapping and aliquoting, also, throughput 1,000 samples/hour for loading and sorting. The modular design allows flexible configuration with the ability to add necessary functions based on your laboratory’s needs.

Intelligent Centrifuge Module [iCM]

High throughput of 300 samples/hour loads samples in and out of centrifuge rotor efficiently, minimizing sample wait time. STAT samples are processed with priority.

Random Access Archive (RAA)

Random Access Archive (RAA)

Double-story module with the capacity to hold 1,200 samples has a transfer speed of 1,000 samples/hour enabled by independent robotic arms for each set of drawers on left and right. Sample sorting by primary or secondary sample, or test item is configurable in the 24 rack space.

Track Line

Track Line

Samples are transferred using a single carrier at a maximum speed of 700 mm/sec. Because samples are transferred individually only to the required analyzer, processing is efficient.

Buffer Module

Buffer Module

Temporarily stores a maximum of 36 pre-analized samples and sends them to analyzers in prioritized order. Samples after sampling are also held and sent back for rerun or back to the unloading module if completed.

Carrier Pool Module

Carrier Pool Module

Buffer capacity of up to 50 sample carriers at a time allows samples to adjust timing before sending them to MPAM or other modules.

Connector Module


General Connectors and dedicated Connectors are available, connecting analyzers to the track system. Sample capacity of the Connector is based on the throughput of the connected analyzer to maintain processing capability and prioritization of STAT samples.

Centralized Operative inTuitive Interface system [COTi]

Centralized Operative inTuitive Interface (COTi)

Centralized management of multiple modules from one screen. Operation status and test results are check from one interface.

Traffic Controller [CLINILOG Tc]

Communicates with the host computer and controls operation of all modules and measurement results.

* Specification and appearance may be changed without a preliminary announcement for product improvement.