Laboratory Automation System(LAS)


By automating testing process with a simplified system,
we realized a one-stop testing operation.
Simplified and flexible system configurations tailor to the diverse laboratory operations.


STraS Characteristics

Seamless and simple configuration

The system is configured with MPAM+, LPAM, LAS line, and up to four analyzers.
A compact 16 cm wide transport line is adapted, reducing the footprint to half the size of a conventional LAS line.

Informs the operator operation status with LED color

Informs the module operational status to the operator by LED color and MPAM+ monitor screen.
The transparent acrylic cover of the Smart Line is lit with LED which represents operational status by emitting the corresponding color light; normal operation in blue, abnormal staus that requires attention by blinking red or yellow, etc.

Configuration examples

Plan 1

Configuration example 1

Improves throughput by connecting multiple modules.
Operable without changing the system settings even when a device stops running.

Plan 2

Configuration example 2

A system configuration that combines

Intelligent Multifunctional Sorter Module iMS.
Significantly improves sorting efficiency of preprocessed primary samples and aliquotted secondary samples.

Configuration modules

Basic modules

Loading/decapping/aliquoting/sorting [MPAM+]

Input/plug/dispensing/sorting [MPAM +]

Loads centrifuged samples for decapping, printing secondary tube labels, aliquoting, and sorting.

Smart Line

Smart line

Transfers 5-tube racks at a speed of up to 200 mm/s.

Turn Table

Turn table

Redirects 5-tube racks to their destination module.

Rack Buffer

Rack buffer

Stores up to eight 5-tube racks and sends them off in prioritized order after waiting and awaiting rerun.


Electrolyte Analyzer [EA09]+EA09 Connector Module [EAC]

Fully automated electrolyte analyzer [EA09]+EA09 connectivity modules [EACs]

Performs electrolyte analysis first to maximize the performance of chemistry analyzers.

Electrolyte Analyzer EA09 Notification No.: 14B3X000010000JY

Expansion Modules

Intelligent Centrifuge Module [iCM]

Centrifugation [iCM]

Centrifuges loaded samples at a high speed of 300 samples/hr and sends them to MPAM+.

Intelligent Centrifuge Module iCM-HT Notification No.: 14B3X000010000GB

Intelligent Multifunctional Sorter Module [iMS]

Sorting [iMS]

Collects primary samples and sorts secondary samples for each offline module and stores up to 400 samples.