Examples of LAS Design

Our Laboratory Testing Automation System CLINILOG has many features such as intelligent transportation, 24 hour operation to name a few. 3D graphics design examples of LAS are introduced here.

Japan (Listed by location from north to south)

  • Otaru General Hospital

  • Iwate Medical University Hospital

  • The Jikei University Hospital

  • Kanto Rosai Hospital

  • University of Yamanashi Hospital

  • Nagoya City University Hospital

  • Kishiwada City University

  • Kochi Medical School Hospital

  • Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital

Overseas (Listed by country)

  • The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St.Mary's Hospital (Korea)

  • Green Cross Laboratories (Korea)

  • Chungnam National University Hospital (Korea)

  • Ulsan University Hospital (Korea)

  • Yunnan Kungang Hospital (China)

  • Yan'an Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital (China)

* Configuration is subject to change over time.